The Rhythm


during my boring time

it's been a long time . now i wanna to express my feeling . i know that i'm not a friendly person but i know i'm such a maniac person . i'm not romantic persons but i'm a kind-hearted person . i don't know if i'm a good friend nor bad . because i can't judge myself rite . only my friends can do so . but one thing i know for real , i love my friends till death . ohh yeah i'm single but i don't care as long as i have my friends . they can cheer me up . they are also caring loving and funny ! thats enough for me . yes i do want to be in a relationship . i want to be in love n being love by someone . who doesn't want it ?! simply said , human -> lust -> love . hope u understand my points . hehe ;) each person need a partner in their life rite . but for me now is not the best time for me to be in a serious relationship . although it's a puppy love . there are lots of things i need to focus on . just be cool n relax . being single is freedom and i want to enjoy it till boredom appear in my head or i realize that being single all the time is for loser . hehehe ;) nor maybe , until i found someone who might melt my heart ;) OMG ! AMINN =)