The Rhythm



salam, readers .
today's my third day working in wolrdwide holdings berhad
i'm working under finance department as a temporary account assistant
i'll be working here for 3 months, starting from last tuesday
n for this 3 months period my performances will
be judge and review by my boss/supervisor
damn scary and lots of pressures !
rase mcm budak practical (seriously!)

my working hours :-
- 9 a.m - 5.30 p.m (monday - friday)
- 9 a.m - 1 p.m (saturday)

so damn nervous because
i have no experience in job industry at all
technically , i'm a fresh n got lucky been appoint for this job
although it's just a contract employment
but aku kesah ape ! janji kerja masuk duit dpt experience ~
so teman2 doakan success saye ea ;)

i'm very grateful n thankful to Allah
also thanks to my family n friends
that's always encourage, support n pray for my best n luck
i'm really really really appreciate it .


JouRney AkuH said...

hati kena kental sikit kalo dpt bos cina.. gud luck dude..

Sopi a.k.a P said...

huhu u know never mind ~_~